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Britain's Growing Islamist Problem
The stunning public statement by Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller that Britain's domestic intelligence agency MI5 is tracking some 200 Islamist cells with some 1,600 members who "actively engaged in plotting or facilitating terrorist acts here and overseas." shows just how deeply the Islamist groups have burrowed into their host society.

"Today we see the use of homemade improvised explosive devices, but I suggest tomorrow's threat will include the use of chemicals, bacteriological agents, radioactive materials and even nuclear technology," Manningham-Buller said.

The scope and size of the publicly-acknowledged investigations are a tacit admission that the Blair government's attempts at dialogue with the Muslim community, largely through Muslim Brotherhood-dominated groups that have sister organizations in the United States, has not stemmed the movement toward radicalism.

Indeed, one of the primary concerns is the concerted effort at radicalization of young people through mosques and networks that receive direction from al Qaeda-related groups in Pakistan. Other networks are the self-starting type of terrorist, loosely affiliated with others and inspired by al Qaeda but not members of the al Qaeda structure.

Britain has, for at least a generation, been the target of concerted political action by Islamist groups, including but not limited to the Muslim Brotherhood. There, these groups control mosques, monopolize the political represenation of Muslims and are an entrenched force advocating for separate rights and responsibilities for Muslims.

The network of mosques, charities and outreach workers to draw people, especially young people, has been not only tolerated but courted by politicians and largely left unexamined, until very recently, by law enforcement and intelligence forces.

The situation, while far less developed in the United States, where there are no post-colonial ties to Pakistan and other regions, is not so dissimilar. The organized efforts here by the _Ikwan_ and its multiple, massively-funded front organizations and allies, have taken root on college campuses, control of mosques and the political representation of Muslims in this country.

Like the Blair government the Bush administration continues to reach out to these groups as represenative and moderate. Both governments are sadly mistaken.

The concern is long-term. As Manningham-Buller said the threat from international terrorism "is serious, is growing, and will, I believe, be with us for a generation." Leaving unchallenged the agenda of Islamist groups that present a moderate face when it necessary but have a separate agenda, is part of that threat.
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