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The "Moderate" Islamists in Britain
A recent hidden camera taping of what is really taught in one of Britain's most influential "moderate" mosques tells you all you need to know about what these groups really believe.

Channel 4 took the courageous approach of infiltrating the Greenlane Mosque in Birmingham, a favorite of the "moderate" Muslim Council of Britain (and friends of CAIR, ISNA and others here) to hear what was being preached over a period of months. It was a true public service, one that U.S. journalism has not performed since Steve Emerson et al did the same thing in the U.S. a decade ago, with very similar results.

The contents of the tape are why many of us believe we are engaged in a war-not a war against Islam, but yes, a war against Islamists who are intent on destroying us and our way of life.

This language of hate and conquest is not a secret, it is openly preached. This is not an isolated, renegade mosque on the fringe of the British Islamic community, but the heart of it. It is a mosque praised publicly for its moderation, and the target of outreach programs by the government. Does any of this sound vaguely familiar in our government outreach program?

We hear the call to jihad against Christians and Jews (and, one would assume, atheists, Hindus and everyone else), a call to throw gays off of mountain tops, justification for hitting women, a death sentence against anyone who converts from Islam to another religion, and the right of an Imam to crucify and leave hanging for three days, anyone deemed an infidel. Much of this, of course, is paid for with Saudi money.

It was not an isolated sermon, but a series of sermons over a period of months. They were not whispers among the faithful, but full throated sermons aimed at audiences where children and teenagers were well represented. This is the target audience. The message is that the Salafist-jihadi movement is going to win, so join it. There is nothing subtle here. Just watch the show.

We hear the classic Muslim Brotherhood line that "you have to live like a stae within a state until we take over." We hear the overt calls for _jihad_ and calls to preparation for joining the moment when the "tables are turned" and Islam is dominant.

It would be impossible to make this up. Which is why the MCB is ranting about sentences being taken out of context and attempts to distort Islam and foment divisions.

It is a tremendously weak defense, relying on the tried and true tactics of smearing those who reveal what these organizations really are, with the same accusations of intolerance, racism and Muslim bashing that have worked so well for so long to silence any other voices.

But it does beg the question: Where are the Muslims who are outraged by this? Where are those who will say, no, this is not Islam, this is sedition, bigotry, hate speech and treason? The silence is deafening.
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