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With CAIR as Unindicted Co-Conspirator and MB Ties, Will Policy Towar them Change?
How many organizations designated as uninindicted co-conspirators in terrorism-related cases still get invited not only to participate, but to play lead roles in major U.S. government events?

Not many, but there seems to be an exception for the Islamist-Muslim Brotherhood groups, who stand front and center in upcoming Department of Justice events and recent events with the Department of Defense.

It is hard to believe the word has not gotten out in government circles, but maybe is hasn't.

In an event that past largely unnoticed, the U.S. government, in open court filings, for the first time named several of the most prominent Islamist groups in the country, (including CAIR and ISNA) as unindicted co-conspirators in the upcoming prosecutions of those associated with the Holy Land Foundation (itself as specially designated terrorist entity by the U.S. government).

The filing also for the first time identified ISNA, NAIT, and MAYA as part of the U.S. structure of the Muslim Brotherhood. It listed CAIR as a member of the "US Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee."

Being named an unindicted co-conspirator is not an accusation of guilt, but it does have interesting connotations.

The inclusion of any on the list of unindicted co-conspirators means this: because the defendants and those listed people/entities communicated about matters within a conspiracy designed to provide material support to Hamas, all of those particular communications are admissible in court as exception to the hearsay rule.

So it is not insignificant. Nor is the formal link to the Brotherhood. While the MB is not a designated entity, and there is plenty to debate over the wisdom of such an action, it nonetheless clearly espouses a radical Islamist view, particularly on re-establishing the caliphate, rolling back women's rights, depriving non-Muslims of religious rights etc.

These U.S. groups have long denied ties to the Brotherhood. Now the government has formally said otherwise.

With enough people from these organizations in jail and under investigation for terrorism-related activities, the addition of these groups as entities, (as well as numerous individuals affiliated with the organizations named) should be enough to change government policy from one of embracing them as "moderates" to at least extreme caution.

One could reasonably argue for cutting off all contact until the legal implications of their behavior is known.

But this does not appear to be the case. On June 27 the Justice Department is hosting an event titled: "Securing America: Law Enforcement Partnerships with American Muslims, Arab, Middle Eastern and South Asian Communities."

The keynote speaker? AG Alberto Gonzalez. Panelists include, yes, the vice president of ISNA. Guests include CAIR its its allies, by the dozens.

So, party on. The foxes are in the hen house, the wolves are in sheep's clothing and many other cliches come to mind. This would make a hilarious Monty Python skit if it didn't involve our national security. But it does. And it is not remotely funny.
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