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Further Information on the Holy Land Documents
Many people have written in with comments on my last post on the documents used as government exhibits in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

The best summary of the importance, questioned by some, can be found in this post on the Counterterrorism Blog, as well as the additional information on Mohamed Akram contained there, including his past and current ties to the Hamas leadership.

Yes, it may suggest a hugely optimistic assessment of what is possible, but this is not a simple note by a random person, but a consensus document of the U.S. leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.

One has only to look at how they have set about to implement it to see that it is a real document and plan of action. ISNA, CAIR, NAIT, and all the other Ikhwan-related groups are carrying out parts of the plan outlined. Look at the penetration of the chaplain training in the Pentagon, the White House meetings, the constant meetings with the FBI, DHS and other security arms of the U.S. government, and the clear, planned penetration operations are clearly discerable.

Will they succeed? I doubt it. Most people will not like what they see once they actually see it. But the further they advance before they are stopped, the more damage they do.

The point is not so much that they will or can win, the point is that there is a real plan, by real people, being faithfully executed. As I have said numerous times in the past, if, based on a realistic assessment of who the Muslim Brotherhood is and its true designs, one can perhaps make a rational case for engaging with them.

It is engaging with them on their terms, that they represent nothing but a peaceful group of democrats wanting to make the world a happy place, that is blind and wrong.

It is easy to say they will not win. But then, 15 years ago few would have thought that CAIR, ISNA, NAIT and others would have moved to dominate the discourse on Islam in the United States, achieved the significant political victories and access they have and arrived at where they are.

Overconfidence leads to dismissive underestimating of a formidable foe.
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