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More Gleaned from the Holy Land Foundation Exhibits
The government exhibits in the Holy Land Foundation case in Dallas, Texas, bear close reading.

These public documents, collected by the NEFA Foundation give a pretty clear picture of the Muslim Brotherhood structure, motives and aims in the United States and more broadly.

The first thing the exhibits lay out is the organic, granular link of the Brotherhood to the organizations in the United States such as MSA, NAIT, ICNA and others (CAIR was not founded when most of these were written, but is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case as well, and named as a Brotherhood entity).

A second is that there is a military component and strict security measures to keep the Brotherhood out from government scrutiny.

In Exhibit 003-0089, a Brotherhood leader, Zeid Al-Noman of the Executive Office, gives a brief history of the Brotherhood in America to a gathering of Ikhwan, and then takes questions.

One questioner asks; "By 'securing the group' do you mean military securing? And, if it is that, would you explain to us a little bit the means to achieve it?"

Answer: "No. Military work is listed under 'Special Work.' 'Special Work' means military work. 'Securing the group' is the Groups' (Muslim Brotherhood) security, the Group's security against outside dangers. For instance, to monitor the suspicious events which exist on the American front such as Zionism, Masonry etc. Monitoring the suspicious movements or the sides, the government bodies such as the CIA, FBI etc., so that we find out if they are monitoring us, are we not being monitored, how can we get rid of them. That is what is meant by 'securing the group.'"

A third is the clear concept of establishing front groups and deny or hide the link of these groups to the Brotherhood.

In the same presentation, al-Nomanis asked about the use of front groups. His response:

"By God, fronts are one method for grouping and are one method for communicating Ikhwan thought. They are one method the Ikhwan's point of view. A front is not formed until after a study and after exhaustive study. I mean, the last front formed by the Group is the Islamic Association of Palestine (author note, the seminal Ikhwan group in which Sami Al Arian and so many others participated in). So, Ikhwans, this did not come out overnight, or it was not like the Ikhwans who are in charge went to sleep, dreamed about it and met the next day and decided to do it. Not at all, by God. This went through lengthy meetings and took long discussions."

The internal documents on display show the group's primary function was to support Hamas, which is stated clearly. In Exhibit 003-0078 is an impassioned plea against any type of dialogue or normalization of relations with the "Zionist entity," not deeming to say the state of Israel.

Exhibit 003-0010, an internal document written in December 1990 titled "Lessons and Morals From the Reality of the Intifada Work", begins by stating: "1) Hamas is a Godly gift to Palestinian people, the Muslim nation and the International Islamic Movement:
-like the gift of the Afghani Jihad
-and the establishment of the nation of Islam in Sudan
-and the triumph of Islam and the Muslims in several places (Algeria, Jordan, Malaysia, Turkey)
-the fall of Communism and the liberation of the Islamic states
-the endurance the International Movement in the face of many shocks (the Gulf crisis, the internal conflicts)"

More as I have a chance to digest the mountain of paper. But it is clear we have a secret organization, with its own internal bylaws, security and military structure that views the United States as a vital field for penetration. At the same time a premium is placed on escaping the notice of the authorities through front groups.

Not a surprise, but nice to see it in their own words and writing.

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