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New Report Available on the Historic Links Provided by the Holy Land Foundation Trial
A new report is available for download from the Nine Eleven Finding Answers (NEFA) Foundation website, titled
"The Ikhwan in North America",
co-authored by NEFA consultant Douglas Farah and NEFA Director of Analysis and Research Ron Sandee.

This report is intended to offer readers a short history of the Muslim Brotherhood's activities in the United States-as well as its goals and structure-as revealed by evidence recently presented during the ongoing criminal trial in the Northern District of Texas (Dallas): United States of America v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. The prosecution in the case has presented many internal Muslim Brotherhood documents from the 1980’s and early 1990’s that give a first-ever public view of the history and ideology behind the operations of the Muslim Brothers (known as the Ikhwan or The Group) in the U.S. over the past four decades. For researchers, the documents have the added weight of being written by the Ikhwan leaders themselves, rather than interpretations of secondary sources.

It is not new if you are regularly reading this site and the Counterterrorism Blog, but it puts a lot of things together in one place, and, I hope, coherently.
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