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Qaradawi Embraces Archbishop's Call for Acceptance of Sharia Law in Britain
The basic, public premise of the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy for the conquest of Europe hinges on creating Muslim enclaves that are exempt from national laws and under sharia law-then steadily expanding those areas. So it is not surprising the group headed by the Muslim Brotherhood's chief theologian would embrace the call from the Archbishop of Canterbury to actually implement such a plan.

The International Union for Muslim Scholars, led by Yousef al-Qaradawi, laments the "fierce attacks" in Britain against Archbishop Rowan William's statement that sharia law could be implemented in family matters and other issues.

If one followed that logic, then the physical abuse of women could be legal in Muslim circles, as Qaradawi has gone to considerable lengths to describe how, under sharia law, a man can hit his wife, how he should not leave marks, etc.

Would honor killings then be okay if the family chose to try them under sharia law?

The main point, however, is that this opening is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood has been seeking for some time. TRR William's ignorance of this as a cornerstone of their strategy is clear. But it does not make what he said any less damaging.

As Lorenzo Vidino pointed out in a Hudson Institute piece in 2006, since at least 1990 Qaradawi has outlined this strategy, and done so publicly.

As Vidino writes, Qaradawi:

advocates the establishment of Muslim communities with “their own religious, educational and recreational establishments.” He urges his fellow revivalists to try “to have your small society within the larger society” and “your own ‘Muslim ghetto.’”
Qaradawi clearly sees the Islamist movement playing a crucial role in creating these separated Muslim communities and thereby providing it with an unprecedented opportunity to implement its vision, at least partially. Its local affiliates will run the mosques, schools, and civic organizations that shape the daily life of the desired “Muslim ghettoes.” And Qaradawi’s ambitions go further still. Without saying so openly, he suggests that sharia law should govern the relations among inhabitants of these Muslim islands; Muslim minorities “should also have amongst them their own ulema and men of religion to answer their questions when they ask them, guide them when they lose the way and reconcile them when they differ among themselves.”

What Qaradawi outlines in his treatise might, at first glance, appear to be nothing more than a fantasy. In reality, it corresponds to what the international network of the Muslim Brotherhood has been doing in the West for the past fifty years. Since the end of World War II, in fact, members of al Ikhwan al Muslimoun have settled in Europe and worked relentlessly to implement the goals stated by Qaradawi

Now, having received an opening, the Brothers will proceed to claim to be victims of vicious Islamophobia by agents of intolerance.

What is more dangerous, but equally predictable, is that they will distort the historic record, as the IUMS does in its statement supporting Williams. The basic lie is that Islamic nations have been bastions of tolerance and equal rights.

The IUMS would like to remind the entire world that the Islamic state – since its establishment at the hands of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and over hundreds of years - allowed all citizens, regardless of their religion, to practice their personal law (marriage, divorce, inheritance, and so on) in accordance with their religion. They did so with freedom and respect in spite of its contradiction to the laws of the Islamic state in many cases. Moreover, the Ottoman Islamic state issued laws to organize these practices; thus, non-Muslim citizens were allowed to resort to their own courts in many cases.

So, let's take a quick tour of the human rights conditions in Islamic states where Qaradawi holds some considerable political/theological sway:

Saudi Arabia? Somewhat problematic, as one cannot take a Bible, crucifix or anything relating to any religion except Islam into the country. Sudan and its genocidal regime? Afghanistan under the Taliban? Iran, where the MB retains influence?

In the Ottoman Empire and previous parts of the Caliphate, non-Muslims never had equal rights with Muslims. At times they were allowed to privately practice their religions, but never publicly and never recognized as anything other than second class citizens.

It is hard to believe that when an adversary writes out a battle plan, gives it to you, proceeds to follow it to the letter, one cannot believe there is actually a conflict in progress. Apparently the RR Williams does not.

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