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The International Muslim Brotherhood and Darfur
One of the fascinating and disheartening issues around those who advocate an on-going dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood is the failure to look at the record of what the Brotherhood is and what it stands for.

The latest example is the reaction of several important Muslim Brotherhood groups to the International Criminal Court's decision to indict Sudanese president Omar Bashir on charges of genocide. It is easy to forget that Sudan justifies its actions on the basis of being an Islamic nation, and many of its current and past leaders, particularly Hassan al Turabi, are senior members of the Brotherhood.

According to the Daily Muslim Brotherhood Global Report (subscription required), the International Union for Muslim Scholars, led by senior Brotherhood theologian Yousef Qaradawi, as well as several other organizations, have condemned the ICC indictment. The reasons are interesting, and predictable.

First, claim nothing happened:

The delegation of the IUMS, which was headed by the IUMS president, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, visited Sudan and Darfur in the midst of events (September 2004). During this visit, the IUMS delegation met with many political leaders from the Sudanese government and opposition, including Dr. Hassan Turabi, who was then under house arrest, along with many ` leaders. The delegation ascertained that no ethnic cleansing took place, no crimes against humanity occurred and likewise no genocide was committed by government forces or any allied militia. In its statement that was issued following this visit on Rajab 22, 1425 A.H., corresponding to Sep. 7, 2004, the IUMS declared that all media allegations about ethnic cleansing, genocide and mass rape were unfounded. Moreover, the statement appreciated the efforts of the Sudanese government in addressing social problems and the humanitarian situation, and praised their decision to establish a fact-finding committee, headed by the honorable scholar professor, Daf`allah Al-Hajj Yusuf, former Sudanese chief justice.

Comforting to know that, in the Brotherhood's eyes, nothing at all has happened in Darfur. It is all in the imaginations of the international community.

Second, portray the action as part of the U.S. war against Islam in general:

The American threat to take action to arrest the Sudanese president, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir is simply part of a series of American interventions in the private internal affairs of other states. The American administration seeks to play the role of “international policeman”, that enables it to exercise its military strength without commitment to the rules that have been established in international laws and the provisions of international treaties.

And third, rally the Muslim world against the action because it is anti-Muslim:

The IUMS believes that the Arab failure to halt the false measures currently being taken against the Sudanese president will open the door to other acts against Arab kings and presidents, especially in light of the successive accusations against many Arab countries concerning the violation of human rights. Therefore, the Islamic duty necessitates all Arab and Muslim states to unite and stand together to prevent any violation of human rights in their homelands, regardless of the cause. In addition, Islam requires Arab and Muslim states to take all possible actions against the violation of international law and the ICC Statute, through their attitudes within the United Nations and through their international bilateral and collective relations, in order to retain the prestige of the international system and the sovereignty of states.

So, there you have it from those of demand the implementation of sharia law in non-Muslim countries, by the moderate group our governments seek to engage as the voice of reason.

Good luck.

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