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Finally, Some Fact Checking on Bogus Saudi Claims
The Washington Post Outlook Section finally called the Saudi Royals, and current U.S. ambassador, Prince Turki al-Faisal, on the lies of their intolerance. It is about time someone did in a consistant manner. The myth the Saudi royals perpetrate about removing hate speech against everyone who does not believe as they do is important to the narrative of its own progress the kingdom hopes to develop.

The problem is, it is simply not true, as the piece documents. Ambassador Turki and others want to believe that repeating a lie often enough makes it true. That is what they are paid to do, and they pay millions to get others to repeat the lies.

It seems that is the plan with the repetition of many things related to the kingdom that are not true, and yet are repeated day after day, month after month: the Financial Investigative Unit is functioning; designated individuals are being punished; efforts to curb terror finance are proceeding.

In fact, none of these are true. The FIU has done no work at all since it was reportedly formed more than a year ago. Designated individuals like Wa'el Julaidan are not even under house arrest. In fact, the Royals are willing to spend time and political capital to get some of their most important people off the U.N. list of individuals banned for supporting terrorism.

It is stunning the Bush administration, for all its talk of democracy and transparency, is not only unwilling to pursue these issues with the Royals. No one is willing to debunk the lie by looking at reality.

The textbooks put out in Saudi Arabia still refer to Jews as monkeys and pigs, advocate violent jihad, forbid even friendship with non-believers (difficult to reconcile with the family friendships many of the Royals have with leaders here), and endorse the Protocols of Zion.

The administration tries to block any meaningful investigations into what the Saudis really do and even appear to have a hand in keeping member of Congress, even Republicans (See Rep. Sue Kelly), from having a chance to investigate issues first hand.

Every once in a while the truth bubbles to the surface. It is vitally important to keep the myth from taking root and shaping the debate over radical Islamist goals and teachings.

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