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Europe Remains Center of Islamist Focus
Europe has become the focal point for recruitment and expansion for several strands of Islamist thought and activity, from the Muslim Brotherhood to salafists fighting in Iraq and recruiting for Afghanistan. There is some tension between and among these groups, but what these groups have in common is a clear sense of what they are doing and why.

Perhaps the most interesting move, and one with long-term implications, is the (largely successful) efforts by these groups to buy large amounts of real estate, territory that effectively becomes "Muslim" land once it is in the hands of Islamist groups. Some groups are signing agreements to guarantee that they will only sell the land to other Muslims.

The Brotherhood, particularly, is active in investments in properties and businesses across Europe, laying the groundwork for the future network that will be able to react rapidly and with great flexibility in case of another attempted crackdown on the group's financial structure.

The newly-developed structures are largely designed to allow different groups within the international Brotherhood to become financially self-sufficient, perhaps in anticipation of future law enforcement activities against the Ikwan. It will also help insure that their presence is permanent, given the property ownership that is expanding.

Most of the money for the Ikwan and other groups comes from the usual sources-Saudi Arabia, and increasingly, Kuwait. The main financial houses of the Gulf region are channeling tens of millions of dollars to Brotherhood institutions and companies as part of their legitimate business activities.

The purchase of property is a strategy the Ikwan are replicating in the United States, where Brotherhood-affiliated groups have recently bought up tens of millions of dollars of U.S. real estate, often with offshore companies acting as fronts and creating layers of holding groups and shell entities that filter the money through multiple layers that make it almost impossible to trace.

This only underscores the fact that these groups, while having sharp disagreements among themselves, have a long-term plan of penetration and action in the non-Muslim world. These groups have strategies looking at 10 year to 50 year horizons.

In response, the governments of Europe and the United States continue to allow these groups to flourish and seek for the "moderate" elements that can be embraced as a counter-balance to the "radical" elements. (See my previous post on the embrace of CAIR).

Britain's "ExpoIslamia" circuses, used to incite Muslims to support suicide bombings and attack the West are tolerated because "moderates" are also allowed to speak.

Britain, for internal political reasons, has refused to say al Qaeda was responsible for the 7/7 attacks, despite clear evidence of the tie, and is reluctant to even acknowledge a possible al Qaeda link to the most recent airline plot.

We do not have a plan. They do. History shows that those that plan, anticipate and have a coherent strategy usually win. We are not winning.
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