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Blood from Stones

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Advance praise for


The Secret Financial Network of Terror

by Douglas Farah

"Gripping, terrifying and brilliantly researched. By exposing the deadly nexus of weapons, diamonds and terrorism, Farah has essentially done the job of our staggeringly oblivious intelligence services. It may well prove to be reporters like Farah who prevent the next 9/11."
- Sebastian Junger
"Blood From Stones is a fascinating account of Al Qaeda's financial networks located in seemingly out-of-the-way places and supported by a host of international pariahs and criminals. Diamonds, cigarettes, gold, and charities are among the tools of the trade. The challenges for America's counterterrorism effort are clear. A book for practitioners as well as casual observers."
-Rand Beers, former Counterterrorism Director for the National Security Council
"Blood From Stones reads like a good "who done it" with a slight difference: It is about true events. The book does us all a great service. Funding is terror's lifeblood and its Achilles' Heel. Farah uncovers the unholy alliance between terror and crime, and points us in the directions to up-end that alliance."
-David Aufhauser, former General Counsel, U.S. Department of the Treasury
"Few have as good a grasp on the issues of terrorist finance and blood diamonds as Douglas Farah, as demonstrated in Blood From Stones. His sources are credible and his reporting thorough. He has gone where few have been-or been allowed to go-to produce this book. His reporting in the field helped compel Congress to pass legislation to fight blood diamonds, and the book helps map the terrorist money flow for those interested in combating it."
-U.S. Representative Frank Wolf, Virginia
"Doug Farah has done a brilliant analysis of the complex world of terrorist financing. This will become required reading for the thousands of U.S. and Allied law enforcement and intelligence officers prosecuting the global war on terror."
- General (Ret.) Barry R. McCaffrey, Prof. National Security Studies, United States Military Academy, West Point
"In Blood from Stones, Doug Farah takes the reader on a frightening tour of al Qaeda's financial architecture, tracing dollars and diamonds across four continents and from wars in West Africa to living rooms in America. His is a story with all the intrigue of a spy thriller, the emotion of a war diary, and the explosiveness of a political expose - and it is true. This book deserves attention from any reader who wants to understand how terrorism works, and demands attention from policymakers charged with defeating it".
-Gayle Smith, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress and Former Special Assistant and Senior Director for African Affairs, National Security Council (1998-2000)
"Blood from Stones is a rare example of the best kind of investigative reporting. After 9/11, at great risk to his own life, Farah hung out with drugged-out killers and arms traffickers in West Africa to trace the links between the underground diamond trade and international terrorism. After unmasking an unholy business alliance between two of the world's worst men - Charles Taylor of Liberia and Osama Bin Laden - Farah embarked on an investigation into terrorist finances which led him around the world, to Dubai, Pakistan, and the United States. Farah's findings raise some important questions about the world of international finance, about U.S. foreign policy, and about the CIA's ability to gather reliable field intelligence. Blood from Stones is a fascinating, timely book, and should be required reading for anyone who wants to know what still lies beneath the surface of the "War on Terror."
- Jon Lee Anderson
"Douglas Farah risked his life by investigating Al Qaeda's trade in diamonds and other precious stones. His remarkable book breaks new ground in our contemporary understanding of terrorist finance."
- Rohan Gunaratna, Head of Terrorism Research, Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies, Singapore, and author of Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror

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