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New Bits on Funding for the Holy Land Foundation
The NEFA Foundation has translated a part of a new document from the Dutch government think tank Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek-en Documentatie Centrum (Scientific Research and Documentation Center), which has some interesting, if cryptic things to say about the Holy Land Foundation, now on trial in Dallas for allegedly funding terrorist activities by Hamas.

The document,in discussing criminal activities in St. Maarten, a Dutch territory, notes on page 104 that:

"Large amounts of money are being transferred through bank accounts at St. Maarten to these (terrorist) organizations. St Maarten is possibly playing a role in the financing of terrorist organizations, the money is said to come from drug trade and human smuggling. ‘Money is sent from S. Maarten to suspected organizations. XX [name deleted in text] sends large amounts to the Holy Land Foundation. Most of the money probably comes from drug earnings.’ (2004) ”

The HLF has denied any ties to terrorist or criminal groups or activities.

The Dutch report further notes that St. Maarten, primarily a Caribbean playground for the rich, could be home to radical Islamist training camps and radical Muslims who are on the American "no-fly" list. The report notes that "There are Arabs on St. Maarten who we know are in contact with extreme radical movements." (p. 105)

The report further notes that companies are remitting large amounts of money to the Arab peninsula, and that the "amounts send to the Middle East are much larger than those companies legally can make."

All intriguing bits that point to the potential danger and possible criminal-terrorist nexus in the Caribbean.

The criminal influence in the Caribbean is, of course, is not new. Billions of dollars from drug trafficking, the trafficking of illegal aliens and other illicit activities wash through the region on an annual basis, benefitting only a few and fueling corruption.

From Trinidad and Tobago to Haiti, Surinam and the Dominican Republic, criminal gangs exercise a great deal of control. The Caribbean coasts of Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico are now virtually narco-territories, where the government exercises little real control.

What is new here is the link made to a U.S. Islamic charity, and other possible ties to radical Islamist terrorist activities. Given the proximity to the United States and the ease with which the borders are breached from the Caribbean, this should be a real concern.

I hope the Dutch government will be forthcoming with more information in the near future, to help fill in some of the large blanks this report leaves.

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