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More on the HLF Exhibits and the Ikhwan in America
While there are signs the deliberations in the case against the Holy Land Foundation are deadlocked, an ongoing review of government exhibits compiled by the NEFA Foundation are the gift that keep on giving in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood's activity in the United States.

Several things stand out in the overall review of the exhibits, which are internal HLF documents, written by the Muslim Brothers themselves. It is not hearsay or impressions, but in their own words, accepted as such by the defense and uncontested when placed in court as exhibits.

One exhibit stands out because it show HLF gave a $5,000 check to CAIR in 1994, just as CAIR was getting founded.

Nothing unusual about that, except that, in September 2003 Congressional testimony CAIR executive director Nihad Awad said that it was "an outright lie" that his organization had received ANY seed money from HLF. He challenged Steve Emerson to produce "even a shred of evidence" that HLF had provided such funds.

To the untrained eye this seems like a rather large, unshredded piece of evidence. Perhaps it wasn't seed money, but full-blown flower money? HLF was unlikely to fund a group it had no relationship with.

Then there is the is the virulently ant-Jewish sentiment, expressed repeatedly.

On the Jewish conspiracy, outlined in an October 1992 internal memo of the IAP, the primary Muslim Brotherhood U.S. organization:

_The struggle is with the Jews who do not constitute a danger to Palestine alone, but a danger to Arabs and Muslims in their homelands, resources, religion, traditions, influence and political entity._

_Due to the Jewish influence in different global nations specially America and Europe, the struggle in Palestine has a degree of entanglement and complexity, or junctions and contradictions between international politics like no other cause in the world._

_Due to this entanglement and complexity, no Arab or Muslim nation or a nation with an impact on international politics has not been affected by this struggle either
negatively or positively._

The same documents links the IAP, later mutated into different Brotherhood organizations, directly to the Muslim Brotherhood.

_These two characteristics make the cause of Palestine a unique cause which requires a unique method and means to manage the struggle as well._
_This is what the Islamic Movement -the Muslim Brotherhood-has realized. Therefore, it paid a special attention to the cause of Palestine and established a special apparatus for it which requires support and assistance from all the Brotherhood's movements._

The second is the organic link that is openly expressed between the Brotherhood and Hamas. This may not be enough to convince a jury that money from HLF went to fund terrorist acts by Hamas, but the clarity of the tie is undeniable.

As the IAP memo points out, along with many other references:

_With the increase of the Intifada and the advance of the Islamic action inside and outside Palestine, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), provided through its activities in resisting
the Zionist occupation a lot of sacrifices from martyrs, detainees, wounded, injured, fugitives and deportees and it was able to prove that it is an original and an effective movement in leading the Palestinian people._

_This Movement - *which was bred in the bosom of the mother movement, "The Muslim Brotherhood"* - restored hope and life to the Muslim nation and the notion that the flare of Jihad has not died out and that the banner of Islamic Jihad is still raised._

This slide exhibit outlines the ties between HLF and Hamas in graphics.

Third, for an organization that is not illegal here, the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated groups spent a great deal of energy in trying to hide their true affiliations.

Board members were instructed on secure meeting protocols, classification systems for documents, press communications, sweeping for bugs, strict compartmentalization, etc. Not normal procedures for a charity that is doing solely charitable work.

For an extended look at this secret apparatus, and discussions of how to hide the real identity of the Brotherhood organizations, read: security manual outlining it all. The English begins on page 12.

And fourth, there are many, many family ties among those on trial and Hamas leaders. This is not evidence of guilt, but it seems to me to show a clear pattern of using family members (trusted and loyal) to carry out the Brotherhood's overall objectives.

Here is a slide exhibit that gives the basics.

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